Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Salmon trout with coriander

On Saturday, Peter bought himself a salmon trout. He didn't get me one, because I didn't want it. Ever since I had Greta, I've had a hard time eating things which were manifestly killed for me to eat them. Not that I've gone vegetarian- I love my saucisson sec far too much! But I'm eating even less meat than before.

I put off cooking it last night, as I was making chutney, but it needed cooked today, or it was going in the bin.

I wasn't feeling particularly inspired, but I dug around, and ended up doing the following:

I turned the oven to 175C, and lined the roasting tin with parchment paper, which I brushed with olive oil and then ground the pepper mill over. I sliced one of the huge tomatoes from the farm, and put most of that underneath the fish, which I stuffed with sliced preserved lemon (I made some a couple of years ago- they're a great standby, and you can keep on renewing it by dropping in bits of lemon) and a few more bits of the tomato. I then put crushed coriander inside the fish, and dusted the rest over the top. (Thinking about it now, I should probably have put harissa inside the fish, but I forgot that I had some- I only bought it today!). I then baked the fish for 40 minutes, which was longer than planned.

I could have served it with a grain, but he's going to eat the whole fish, so he really doesn't need any more than he's got! Even more so as he named the fish Bob.

I didn't have any, but he says it was quite nice. Here's the finished beast:

I went over to Thoiry in France today, and went into the Bio-Santoriz shop for the first time. Not only did they have a little restaurant which gave us a lovely lunch (and was sufficiently clean for me to be quite happy to allow Greta to toodle around barefoot) with beetroot gazpacho, a delicious salad with all sorts of grains in it and a very yummy lentil and rice vegetarian paté, but I also found yet another range of products that I haven't seen around before, including seaweed called "sea spaghetti", miso paste in a pot and not in powder or cubes (which I bought to make soups for Peter, who has a passion for miso soup when he's home alone and there's nobody to cook for him), organic black chocolate, and a mix of spices to go on tabbouleh. Because I promised Peter I'd make him tabbouleh (and guacamole) this week...

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